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Engineered Cedar Siding

The Western Red Cedar is British Columbia's official tree. It is sometimes called arbor-vitae, Latin for "tree of life."

Cedar as a species has become more rare than ever, making it a real necessity to always extend the life of our forest floor whenever we can. Engineered products make this possible.

Our Western Red Cedar tongue and groove panel has a jointed and edge glued back also made of coastal cedar with some additional nuances to further increase stability.

This product has proven itself to be more stable, cup and twist resistant and easier to build and finish with, more than a solid piece of wood. A big hit in the garage door industry.

Our product comes with a complete industry standard warranty that is third party managed. A qualified consultant is available always to provide insight and answer your complex construction, warranty or installation questions or related issues

Each time you purchase this product you are extending the life of the forest floor times ten!

Shingle Panels

Our shingle panels are made of 100% old growth cedar - the highest quality Western Red Cedar on the market today. They give the same great look, but with about 50 - 60% less labour, installing 6-8 times faster than regular shingles with less waste.

Our interlocking shingle panels ensure that only cedar is visible in the keyway, and the thick butt ( increases the shadow line ) & varied size of shingles provides a more authentic look than the competition.

A 22 YEAR Manufacturers Warranty is our promise to keep your wood safe. Get the same look of shingles and save up to 50% of installation!

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